Welcome to my coding adventure.

What I Do

I make cool things. I seek new challenges. I learn. I have fun. I primarily use Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, AJAX and PHP.


Who I Am

I'm a wonder seeker. Changing careers from teacher to fullstack web developer is my most recent adventure, but by far the most exciting one yet.


My Work

Only a few months into my coding adventure, I'm quite proud of what I've accomplished so far. Below you can check out the most polished of my projects, but they are still works in progress. You can also check out more odds and ends at github.com/sweetvagabond

PSS Fuel Cub, Reward Volunteers, and Living Scriptures are a few of the projects I did support work on while working at Twin Engine Labs.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Objective C, Git, HTML, CSS, JavaScirpt, AWS, Wowza, Capybara, RSpec, CoffeeScript

Simple informational website for The Sweaty Yeti Run. Soon I will be adding an instagram gallery and twitter feed.

Technologies used: HTML5UP, CSS, Javascript
Technologies coming soon: Ruby on Rails, instagram API, twitter API

Social media site where users can post, comment, vote and share posts. As well as follow other users.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, SQLite, HTML, CSS

Mobile web app that uses crowd sourcing and the Yelp API to give users the wait time of restaurants nearby.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Yelp API, JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, SQLite HTML, CSS

A simple jeopardy game I put together in an afternoon for a FORTINET presentation.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Say Hello.

If you have feedback or questions, I would love to hear from you.